Curly hair-the 15 infallible tricks - 5

Curly hair: the 15 infallible tricks

As all girls with curly hair will know , it is not easy to style it. From frizzy roots to unruly ends , curly hair definitely resists being mastered. But it’s about time you stopped fighting with your hair and learned how to keep it in place.

Curly hair-the 15 infallible tricks

If you have tried moisturizing products and you have dried your hair in a thousand different ways but still do not achieve your purpose, we will teach you some tricks to tame your hair without sacrificing it.  After all, curly hair is gorgeous and should be flaunted.

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Coifffeurs Justes: what if your hair was used to clean up?

Who would have thought that your hair could help protect your environment?! Wouldn’t you?! Neither would we. Yet it’s an idea that was born in the head of this hairdresser from the Var region of France in 2015. And the association Coiffeurs Justes was born.  

Your hair can have a second life once cut. And not just to make sweaters or hats. No, much better. In 2015, a hairdresser from the Var region of France created an association that collects hair cut in salons. One objective: to make the most of them. How to make the most of it? By integrating them into the manufacture of absorbent filters for the oceans or insulation in buildings.

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7 incredible women with beards better than most men!

Women can grow a beard too! Does that sound weird? Yes, it does. Some women have more beards than others. Although beards are considered sexy for men, it’s exactly the opposite for women. Let’s focus on those women with beards who take charge.


A woman with a beard faces immense intimidation because of this anomaly. Despite all these obstacles, some girls have the courage to wear a beard. Find out why…


Why do some women grow beards?

Good! First and foremost, it’s totally a biological problem. Facial hair growth in women has several causes, of which the following are the most common and can be diagnosed. Why does one become a bearded woman then?

  • Hirsutism: Hirsutism is essentially a genetic disorder. Hair grows because of androgenesis.
  • PCOS: Polycystic ovary syndrome. This is another cause that intrigues the excessive growth of facial hair in women.
  • Hormonal imbalance: Adrenal hyperplasia, pituitary tumors, liver disease, high levels of androgens, etc. are somehow related to the body’s hormonal organs. And, they could cause facial hair growth in women.


Girls who rule with beards

It takes a lot of determination and stamina to grow a beard like a man when you’re a woman. Some women have managed to overcome all the difficulties of society and their environment. We have made a list of those well-known and courageous bearded women who have stood up against the “classical” current and tried to send a message to society.


1 – Little Bear Schwarz

Little Bear Schwarz is a victim of a hormonal disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, which refers to a type of hormonal imbalance. She first understood it at the age of 14. As a teenager, it was obviously difficult to undergo such abnormalities. Then she realized that hair was just a natural phenomenon and decided not to hide it.



2 – Rose Geil

Rose Geil experienced excessive hair growth in her early teens. She shaved every day at the age of 13. She also tried laser treatment but never found a permanent solution. Tired, she grew a beard. More importantly, she is happy about it.



3 – Kore Bobisuthi

Another bearded woman who shifts the female vision like a leader. The beard has never been a problem for this woman because she wears it while raising her children. If you want a lady with an inspiring beard and an ever-present mother, this is Kore Bobisuthi.



4 – Jennifer Miller

Jennifer is a circus artist from America. She is also a teacher at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. The woman bearded never had any problems with her beard, so she kept it. She is a talented circus artist and has gained fame for both her performance and her beard.



5 – Harnaam Kaur

Harnaam Kaur is a British model who is also an activist who fights against body shaming. She was a victim of serious intimidation early in her life. But she overcame all obstacles and became an inspirational figure around the world.



6 – Conchita Wurst

Conchita Wurst became a woman in Neuwirth. Although she became a successful transgender woman, she has not lost the ability to grow facial hair. As a result, she is now a bearded woman.



7 – Annalisa Hackleman

She is also a victim of PCOC. Polycystic ovary syndrome causes facial hair to grow on a woman’s face like a man. She had laser treatment, but it didn’t work. Then she started to accept reality. Since then, she has been wearing a beard and is proud to be a bearded woman.



The beard is a natural phenomenon. Sometimes beards are unexpected, especially in women. But there’s nothing we can do about it except to admit the laws of nature. If you have a beard, keep it. And at least it may not age you like some hairdressing mistakes that make you 10 years older! And if you like hairy women or women with beards, tell us about it!


Hair records of all kinds-blind maiden

Hair records of all kinds

Hair and hair fascinates people all over the world. No wonder the Guinness Book has the craziest records in the hair business. Take a guided tour through the world of hair records.

guinness-book-cover-Hair records of all kinds-blind maiden
Will you be as fascinated as we are by all these hairs? Will it give you ideas? Let’s plunge into the strange world of the Guinness Book and the records that sometimes make our arms bristling with hair!

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Harnaam Kaur, England's most publicized bearded woman-blind maiden - 3

Harnaam Kaur, England’s most publicized bearded woman

“I WANT TO BE A POSITIVE INSPIRATION” Who is Harnaam Kaur, aka “the bearded woman” and how did the polycystic ovaries make her grow facial hair?

Harnaam Kaur, England's most publicized bearded woman-blind maiden - 3

Harnaam Kaur, a former teaching assistant, suffers from polycystic ovaries, which have caused her hair to grow. Qand Harnaam Kaur began to notice hair growth on her face, chest and arms, and was trapped in a constant cycle of shaving and bleaching.

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What are our hairs used for?

That’s a big question. Body hairs can be a real pain in the ass, whether you’re a man or a woman. We spend all our time removing it because society pushes us to have smooth skin. But is it really good? What’s the point of having body hairs?

What are our hairs used for-blind-maiden-2
copy right : Ben Hooper

Our hairs usually come out in our teens. More or less thick, more or less pigmented, they are there, they can be seen. However, we generally want to get rid of them. But what is the purpose of our hair? Do they have a use or are they a simple residue of the fur of our ancestors?

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China - how they react if you are hairy - blindmaiden-5

China: how they react if you are hairy

China has a great sense of humour, and those who know China know it well. Especially when it comes to particular subjects like… hair. Most of them are almost not hairy, so they’ll have special reactions to your hairiness. Here are 10 Chinese reactions that you will have to face if you are hairy in China.

China - how they react if you are hairy - blindmaiden-4

You become a curiosity when you are in a country where certain physical characteristics are not the norm. If they more or less accept dwarves and turn them into amusement parks, they are even more curious about simpler things like… hair.

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Shaving and hair removal- 5 prejudices to eliminate as quickly as possible from our mind-blindmaiden-3

Shaving and hair removal: 5 prejudices to eliminate as quickly as possible from our mind

With adolescence often comes the awareness of one’s body, the first big complexes and the desire to eliminate all superfluous hair in order to correspond to beauty standards. And the first prejudices about shaving and hair removal to fight.

Shaving and hair removal- 5 prejudices to eliminate as quickly as possible from our mind-blindmaiden-3

Then comes the first experiences of shaving and hair removal, and the famous prejudices that we hear from generation to generation. Some of them are true but others are not, and it is those that we must forget as quickly as possible with real information. But how to untangle the true from the false?

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