Why are hairy women frowned upon?

Femininity and hair do not mix, that’s what many people think. Female hair has always been the object of mockery and disgust, despite the emergence of women’s emancipation movements. But why do we hate women’s hair so much? And do we criticize hairy women? 


Hairy women have nothing to be ashamed of. There is nothing ugly or dirty about it. So why are they singled out?


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15 reasons to let your body hair grow-blindmaiden2

15 reasons to let your body hair grow…

Our society tends to be a hair-hunting society. Short, short, long, blond, brown… We don’t want it. The less, the better. But some of them take the tendency against the grain and fight to let the body hair grow. They too have the right to live! A tendency to go against the grain…

15 reasons to let your body hair grow-blindmaiden-1

Even if you’re pushed to shave or wax, it’s not a foregone conclusion. Here are 15 good reasons to let your body hair grow and say goodbye to your razor or epilator.

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