Is it better to use an electric shaver or a manual shaver?

Are you one of those stylish young urban bearded men for whom shaving is not just a pleasure, but a cult that requires special care? Or are you one of those who consider this act a tedious chore? Either way, it’s up to you to choose the method that’s right for you: manual or electric razor.


There are techniques for using a razor properly, but first you need to choose the one that’s right for you. Your beard has to behave!

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What are our hairs used for?

That’s a big question. Body hairs can be a real pain in the ass, whether you’re a man or a woman. We spend all our time removing it because society pushes us to have smooth skin. But is it really good? What’s the point of having body hairs?

What are our hairs used for-blind-maiden-2
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Our hairs usually come out in our teens. More or less thick, more or less pigmented, they are there, they can be seen. However, we generally want to get rid of them. But what is the purpose of our hair? Do they have a use or are they a simple residue of the fur of our ancestors?

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China - how they react if you are hairy - blindmaiden-5

China: how they react if you are hairy

China has a great sense of humour, and those who know China know it well. Especially when it comes to particular subjects like… hair. Most of them are almost not hairy, so they’ll have special reactions to your hairiness. Here are 10 Chinese reactions that you will have to face if you are hairy in China.

China - how they react if you are hairy - blindmaiden-4

You become a curiosity when you are in a country where certain physical characteristics are not the norm. If they more or less accept dwarves and turn them into amusement parks, they are even more curious about simpler things like… hair.

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