Decorating your hair at home: here’s how to do it

Anyone who’s ever tried to dye or bleach their hair at home knows how hard it is to get a good result. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your hair from getting damaged.

In ads for hair care products – especially hair dye ads – models are wearing dyed and bleached manes. They look beautiful, bright and with volume. But is it possible to obtain the same result if you do the treatment at home? Yes and no.

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Curly hair-the 15 infallible tricks - 5

Curly hair: the 15 infallible tricks

As all girls with curly hair will know , it is not easy to style it. From frizzy roots to unruly ends , curly hair definitely resists being mastered. But it’s about time you stopped fighting with your hair and learned how to keep it in place.

Curly hair-the 15 infallible tricks

If you have tried moisturizing products and you have dried your hair in a thousand different ways but still do not achieve your purpose, we will teach you some tricks to tame your hair without sacrificing it.  After all, curly hair is gorgeous and should be flaunted.

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History of the beard – Origin and evolution

In recent years, it has become fashionable for men of all ages to wear beards. In addition, it must be perfectly maintained, trimmed and cared for. Today a sign of seduction, the beard has evolved throughout history.




But aesthetic problems aside, in ancient times, it was something totally different. Let’s go through the history of the beard, its origin, its meanings and its evolution.

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The most famous beards in history

Back to anecdotes about the ups and downs of facial hair, from ancient Egypt to the hipsters and lumbersexuals of the 21st century. A hairy story. Back to the most famous beards in history.




Although hipsters pride themselves on having made beards fashionable and even invented them, the reality is that beards have existed since time immemorial. If we were to mention famous bearded men, surely actors, athletes, musicians and even the Magi, Santa Claus, the magician Merlin or six of the Seven Dwarves come to mind, to name but a few examples.

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The beard has completely changed them!

As a young man, we often wait until we have the first hairs on our chin. And sometimes dream of having a beard worthy of a pirate. And we can say the beard changes the face of some people considerably!


If you want to have a beautiful beard or moustache faster than Nature made you, there are a few little tricks. Before we unveil the men who have become real hot with their new hair, here are a few tips to make them grow faster and become the latest hipster in fashion.

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Coifffeurs Justes: what if your hair was used to clean up?

Who would have thought that your hair could help protect your environment?! Wouldn’t you?! Neither would we. Yet it’s an idea that was born in the head of this hairdresser from the Var region of France in 2015. And the association Coiffeurs Justes was born.  

Your hair can have a second life once cut. And not just to make sweaters or hats. No, much better. In 2015, a hairdresser from the Var region of France created an association that collects hair cut in salons. One objective: to make the most of them. How to make the most of it? By integrating them into the manufacture of absorbent filters for the oceans or insulation in buildings.

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The role of the beard in seduction

What if the beard is your seduction trump card? The beard trend has been established for several years now. Initially, the 3-day beard gave a slightly more « raw » look and was very popular (while allowing the man not to have to shave every day), then it is the long and well trimmed beard that took over with the fashion of hipsters in particular.

The role of the beard in seduction-blind maiden-2

The movement is not about to run out of steam, if you can believe the number of barbers who have been opening their shops everywhere lately. It seems that this trend is very popular with women (maybe that’s what makes it so successful). But why do women like naked men so much?

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17 strange and unusual things to know (or not) about your hair -blindmaiden-long-hairs

17 strange and unusual things to know (or not) about your hair

Useless knowledge is always knowledge. And a bit of culture, however unusual, is always good to take to surprise your audience. So here are 17 strange and unusual things to know (or not) about your hair.

17 strange and unusual things to know (or not) about your hair-blindmaiden-beautiful-hairs

Ready to know everything about the life of your hair? Complete your knowledge of knowledge that is useless but still allows you to throw a lot of it away in the evening. Here are 17 strange and unusual things to know (or not) about your hair.

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