Breaking the myth about Asian hair

If there is one stereotype about Asia that we all know very well, it is Asian hair. No one knows when it actually started, but at some point, people started thinking that all Asian women had the same type of hair – straight, black and very sleek.

This myth became so well known that there is actually something called « Japanese straightening » to try to achieve these hair qualities. It’s not uncommon to flip through a magazine and find an article showcasing different hair types and, not surprisingly, « Asian hair » has its own section.

Do any of us have straight, black, straight hair? Of course we do. Do they all have that? Absolutely not.

For some reason, some people are shocked to discover that, like everyone else, not all Asians are born with the same hair type (What!?). So let’s bust the Asian myth with some familiar faces.

Straight and thin hair

Now, the myths don’t come out of nowhere. A number of Asians have what is called « typical Asian hair ». Many girls wish they had straight hair like Lucy Liu’s (mainly because of the belief that it’s so manageable). In reality, this is not always the case. Straight, fine hair can be very fragile and often requires more maintenance than expected.


Thick hair

Straight hair? Yes. Fine hair? Not necessarily. While fine hair is very common in the Asian community, thick hair is just as common. Sandara Park shows us that we can have a lot of hair. Thick hair tends to be heavy and can flatten your style near the roots. You’ll become a fan of volumizing sprays then.


Frizzy hair

Besides her relationship with John Lennon, Yoko Ono was also known for her iconic frizzy hair. If you’re not really feeling the Yoko Ono look, you may be looking to tame your hair. There are shampoos specifically designed to eliminate frizzy hair by locking in moisture without weighing hair down.


Curly Hair

To the disbelief of many, some Asians are able to have natural curls. Take actress Sandra Oh for example. She rocks her curls in every episode of Grey’s Anatomy. While a head of perfect curls is beautiful, anyone with curly hair will tell you that curly hair doesn’t always like to behave. Keep those strands under control with shaping gel.


Wavy hair

Some Asians, like Korean singer and actress IU, have wavy hair or some lucky ones who stagger between straight and curly hair. Sometimes you can even wake up to that horrible moment where half your hair looks curly and the other half is straight. The solution? Get a curling or straightening iron for even hair. If you deal with this on a regular basis, make sure you take the proper precautions to mitigate heat damage to your hair.


Colored Hair

Many Asians are born with black or brown hair, but that doesn’t stop many people from putting color on their hair. Take Suzy Bae, for example, who boldly chose a blonde color. Although it may not be natural, dyed hair still requires maintenance and there are specific products that help with the maintenance of dyed hair.


So there you have it, you can see that Asian hair can be more than just long, black and straight. Would you believe it?

And if you feel like it, you can even go live to discover other Asian styles. And you, do you know your hair type?


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