What haircuts for back to school?

Covid’s pandemic has surprised many, especially in terms of hairstyles! Who didn’t end up with white roots, a totally unstructured haircut, and so on! Then the vacations arrived. We are a little lost. So… What haircuts for the school?

As projecting oneself has become difficult, today when we go to the hairdresser, we prefer to play it safe. We tried the home-made dry shampoo and the do-it-yourself bleaches. It’s time to give them a boost by cutting our hair properly. So here are the perfect haircuts for back to school.


The safety cut: the shorter haircut

This trend born after the first lockdown is about cutting shorter than usual. Not knowing how long hair salons will remain open, people prefer to cut their hair shorter than usual. This way, the unexpected is better accepted.

The safety cut allows the hair to grow back while keeping its shape a little longer. And to be able to wait until the next appointment, even if it is delayed.



Hairstyle effect cuts

Generally, these haircuts bring volume and dynamism to the hair. This is the case, for example, of the shag hairstyle.

This very layered hairstyle plays with different lengths and dimensions. The hair is shorter on the top of the head, while the overlapping strands are graded.

This technique gives a real unstructured and wild effect.

Its little plus: the shag cut goes equally well with short, medium or long hair.

Another haircut that gives a nice styled/unstyled effect: the classic layered cut on long hair.

But if you don’t have long hair, don’t panic, we still have other haircuts for you.


The fringe makes its comeback for the fall

We find the curtained bangs. Very popular in the 70’s, it comes back as soon as the first confinement is over. Requiring very little maintenance, it is perfect for this period of pandemic.

Curtain bangs, also known as curtain bang, sweep both sides of the face. Whether you have thin or thick hair, or an oval face, these bangs are a must-have.

It is also suitable for round or square faces since the curtain bangs soften the features.

Another alternative, the « Modern French fringe ». This is the fringe that adapts to your hair length to blend in with the rest of your hair. This fringe is still thick but because the sides are more tapered, it has a versatile look, less structured than the classic fringe.

It’s this versatility that makes it a perfect back-to-school cut. It will continue to grow as it blends into the lengths.



With these post-confinement/summer haircuts no more stress, we won’t be caught off guard. Back to school is going to go well.



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