Why are hairy women frowned upon?

Femininity and hair do not mix, that’s what many people think. Female hair has always been the object of mockery and disgust, despite the emergence of women’s emancipation movements. But why do we hate women’s hair so much? And do we criticize hairy women? 


Hairy women have nothing to be ashamed of. There is nothing ugly or dirty about it. So why are they singled out?


A question of hygiene: hair on women is dirty!

One of the main arguments put forward by the detractors of female hair is that of hygiene. Many people think that hair is dirty, and that “excessive” hair is harmful to health. However, this is not the case! One could even say that in reality, it is rather the opposite. Hair has above all a hygienic role since it constitutes a barrier against bacteria. They allow to filter certain bacteria and thus to protect the skin against external aggressions. Moreover, it would be absurd that the same hairs in the same places do not pose a problem for men … But suddenly become dirty and unhygienic in women!

Also, although hair sometimes retains odors, these odors all disappear with good personal hygiene. Rather than stimulating perspiration as some people claim, hair would play more of a role in regulating perspiration. Let’s not forget that hair is a natural part of the human body. And that they have a definite role.


A question of aesthetics: hair is ugly and it looks like a man!

“It’s ugly!”, “It’s ugly!”, “It looks like a man!”. Almost every woman who has ever left her body natural with hair intact and unshaved has undoubtedly heard these kinds of remarks. Hair is perceived as unsightly. And many people (both women and men) have made it an acceptable physical characteristic only for men. More than a simple social diktat, this vision of hairless beauty is widely conveyed and reinforced by the media and consumer bodies. This is done through commercials with the omnipresent image of the female ideal without body hair. However, hair is far from being a man’s prerogative, and it is possible to be feminine while keeping one’s hair. In fact, apart from cases of hirsutism and hypertrichosis, hair does grow naturally on women’s bodies and there is nothing abnormal about it. Fortunately, many hairy women are very comfortable with it.




Female hair: a symbol of rebellion and extremism

In modern society, female hair is often associated with radical, even extremist feminism. However, if it is true that many feminist activists have voluntarily refused to remove hair to oppose what they consider to be a diktat of patriarchal society and fashion, these women represent today only a small proportion of women who keep their bodies natural. Many women choose to keep their body hair not because of feminism or extremism, but rather because they find it more comfortable and practical. Let’s not forget that hair removal is extremely painful and is experienced as hell by many women around the world.

It is therefore understandable that this “hatred” of hair is only justified by prejudices reinforced by social norms and not by scientific reasons as such. Each woman should then decide what suits her best according to her preferences and desires and should not have to justify her choices to anyone.


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