Do you know about pogonophilia?

Pogonophilia, but what is it? Although this barbaric name does not evoke you anything, it is nevertheless a very common attraction…


Definition of pogonophilia

A person is said to be a pogonophile when he has a very pronounced attraction for men with beards. Bordering on fetishism, pogonophiles like to touch, observe, caress and study men’s beards.

You can spend hours observing beards on the Internet, you stare at all the bearded men in the street as soon as you leave your house, you are untold about the maintenance, the shape, the length of the beard? Then you are concerned by pogonophilia.


The pogonophile club

If you have a long, full beard and you spend a lot of time looking after it. You would be delighted to join the pogonophile club. Beyond the beard, it’s a whole lifestyle that unites the bearded in this club. It’s not just about wearing a beard to look more manly or hide imperfections.


Beard contests, maintenance tips… the attraction for the beard unites these friends of the hair around a true common passion. And we understand! Especially since the beard can be a real asset of seduction. Wearing a beard has a real power of attraction on women, but a series of conditions must be met. This is especially true for light beards (full beards are much less appreciated), while the context also plays its role: when the bearded face is isolated among shaved faces, it is more appreciated than in photos showing only bearded people. In other words, the rare feature gives the advantage, while uniformity leads to a kind of saturation phenomenon.


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