12 steps to grow a beard

For a long time a sign of virility, the beard has become a fashionable accessory for men. But it’s not always easy for everyone to grow a beard. Here are 12 steps to help you.

12 steps to grow a beard - blindmaiden

For a long and silky beard, follow the guide

Here are our top tips for natural beard growth. If you want a long beard, you’ll have to put a moratorium on shaving. But since everyone’s beard hair grows differently depending on a number of factors, get ready now to follow these 12 steps.


Before you start

1. Prepare for inappropriate comments

And yes, as a start is necessary, before having a long and full beard, some men will have to face the mockery of their friends and family. Between surprise, sometimes difficult beginning and jealousy, you may hear « You forgot a piece when you shaved? « So let it speak and stay true to your will: you will soon have your beautiful beard. Anyway, it’s your face and your choices. Other people don’t have a say in it.


2) Equip yourself with good quality tools

For any job, you need the right tools. Don’t expect to get a great long beard without investing a minimum in quality equipment. And since it’s a good idea to let your beard grow for a couple of weeks without giving it any special care, this will give you time to shop around. The most important tool is the beard trimmer, and you should choose one with several accessories (different sized blades and different cutting heights). Also consider investing in a good comb, a pair of sharp scissors and a good beard oil to add softness.

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During the growing process

3. Take it easy

To grow a beard, you need to be patient! Be patient at first, you can’t get a great long beard in a few days. To give your new beard the soul of a real beard, wait at least a month before deciding to shave it off. That month (which isn’t that long) will also give you time to learn about your body at the same time.


4. Use beard oil

IF you thought this was incidental, you’re wrong! Beard oil is the secret ingredient that will help you give your beard its full glory. It will keep it from drying out, itching horribly and looking like pubic hair. The routine is to wash your face regularly, applying a good beard oil at the end of your facial, while your pores are still open. The beard oil will effectively soften your follicles. You should also know that the period of the beginning of the growth (during the first 15 days) is the one during which the itching is the strongest.

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5. Embrace your hair

Don’t be put off by the slow growth of your beard or the funny patterns that may appear on your face. In addition, you will have an image of the perfect beard in your mind and will be disappointed, at least at first. Don’t strive for perfection, learn to love your hair because it is a part of you. There are a thousand and one ways to wear a beard and yours suits you perfectly.



6. Shave the neck

During the maintenance phase, you’ll need to think about shaving some areas to stay presentable. The first thing to do is to avoid lengths in the neck. Be careful not to shave this area too closely, though, or you’ll damage your beard. You just need to even out the area under your chin about 3cm above your Adam’s apple.


7. Shave the cheeks

But the neck isn’t the only area to shave. You’ll also need to shave your cheeks to give your beard a real shape. You can just razor off any stubborn hair on the top of your cheeks.



8. Wash it very often

It’s not just a matter of hygiene: washing your beard every other day will prevent itching and help keep it soft and shiny. However, don’t use your usual soap which may dry your beard (causing even more itching and irritation) but prefer gentle products, even shampoo (if you can’t use products dedicated to beards).  And don’t forget the beard oil after each wash.9. Improve your diet

Also consider feeding your beard from the inside out. Because hair is made up of protein, you can strengthen it by adding healthy proteins to your diet. Don’t be afraid to eat egg whites, lean meats and vegetables to help your beard grow stronger.


10. Increase your testosterone

Testosterone aids in muscle formation and protein metabolism, which also contributes to hair growth and repair. All you have to do is start lifting a little iron.

11. Get some sleep

Sleep is involved in cell growth and repair. You’ll need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep to have a beneficial effect on your beard. Go to bed!


12. Trim a long beard

Maintenance also means knowing how to trim a long beard to keep it in a well-groomed state and encourage hair growth. So you’ll need to learn how to properly trim your beard once it’s grown.


Before you get the beautiful full beard you’ve been dreaming of, you’ll have to go through several steps and invest some time and money in its maintenance. But it’s worth it!


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