The beard has completely changed them!

As a young man, we often wait until we have the first hairs on our chin. And sometimes dream of having a beard worthy of a pirate. And we can say the beard changes the face of some people considerably!


If you want to have a beautiful beard or moustache faster than Nature made you, there are a few little tricks. Before we unveil the men who have become real hot with their new hair, here are a few tips to make them grow faster and become the latest hipster in fashion.


3 things to do to grow your beard

1 – Eat well.

As always, a good diet is the basis of everything. Roy Halfon reminds us that food plays an essential role in beard growth. For a beautiful beard, it is necessary to fill up with proteins and vitamins… C, Vitamin B8, B1, B2, B6, B12. We therefore fill up with eggs, poultry for proteins and cereals, fruits and vegetables such as blackcurrant, guava, turnip, banana for vitamins. And don’t forget a deficiency in iron, proteins and vitamins can cause a slower growth. We therefore take care to adapt our diet.


2 – Do sports.

Although steroids make hairs grow, far from us advising you that! For Roy Halfon, “exercise is also a good stimulator”. Because the influx of blood and oxygen into the vessels contributes to the creation of the facial follicle bulb”. So for the happiness of his beard and his silhouette, we do two to three sessions of physical activity per week. And we avoid bigorexia.


3 – Massage.

It is advisable to regularly massage the beard with castor oil. The massage stimulates the blood flow while the castor oil revitalizes, increases the density and volume of the follicle”. A regular exfoliation is also recommended. Exfoliating the skin will rid it of dead cells. And promote the growth and especially the “coming out” of new hairs. And of course, one moisturizes his skin well with a care adapted to his skin type. Especially if it is oily.




What you must not do to make your hair appear

1 – Shave when the beard is thick.

Contrary to popular belief, shaving or trimming beard hair does not stimulate beard growth simply because the follicle is a dead dander. So to trim or cut it, we wait until it is well furnished. On the other hand, waxing will stimulate growth and promote the follicle’s resistance.


2 – Lack of sleep.

Avoid nights that are too short. It is during sleep that skin cells regenerate. A good night’s sleep can therefore help beard growth.

There, now you have the good advice so we leave you with these 10 men who have become real alpha males with their beards! Enough to seduce any woman…













So… When will it be your turn?


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