Coifffeurs Justes: what if your hair was used to clean up?

Who would have thought that your hair could help protect your environment?! Wouldn’t you?! Neither would we. Yet it’s an idea that was born in the head of this hairdresser from the Var region of France in 2015. And the association Coiffeurs Justes was born.  

Your hair can have a second life once cut. And not just to make sweaters or hats. No, much better. In 2015, a hairdresser from the Var region of France created an association that collects hair cut in salons. One objective: to make the most of them. How to make the most of it? By integrating them into the manufacture of absorbent filters for the oceans or insulation in buildings.

An idea launched following the Mondial Coiffure Beauté (MCB) salon in Paris

During this event, the hairdresser Thierry Gras from Var highlights his ecological approach. An approach that he would like salons to adopt. This committed hairdresser has launched his association Coiffeurs Justes.


By this way, he would like to be able to recover the cut hair in order to store it. This in order to give them for the manufacture of depolluting filters. A good idea indeed, rather than throwing them away! He was inspired by a trend coming straight from the United States.

Hair accounts for 50% of the waste from hair salons

If you had to give a number representing the weight of cut hair discarded each year, what would you say? Well imagine that our discarded hairpieces weigh between 3000 and 4000 tons per year. That’s about 50% of the waste from hairdressing salons. Huge isn’t it?!

So, if we could give them a second life, it would greatly contribute to the decontamination, like those of water for example. The association Coiffeurs Justes collects the hair by bags of 2kg. That’s the equivalent of 220 cuts! And count on average one month to fill it.

Small flat however. The shipping (about 6€) remains the responsibility of the salons. But a good idea never comes alone! Some fairs have set up an eco-participation. And this also raises their customers’ awareness about the environment. In addition to doing a good deed.


In any case, the concept seems to work. Indeed, Thierry Gras receives packages from all over Europe. So much so that even the big chains, which had rejected the concept at the beginning, are gradually starting to take an interest in it.

Your hair has hidden depolluting virtues

You thought, like everyone else, that your hair was just there to look pretty. And that it couldn’t really be used for anything else. Wrong. Learn that hair is the perfect material to be a true pollution filter. It can even help absorb oil at sea!

Indeed, your capillary has lipophilic properties. That is to say, it absorbs the fat that slips under the scales. Some people know it very well… If it works with sun oils or hair oils of all kinds, it also works very well with oil. Imagine that a single kilo of hair can absorb up to 8 liters of oil! Yes it can, you read it well. Moreover, it is also washable and reusable. The best for the environment.


Finally, your hair is resistant. Yes, your little hair is a strong material. You can see that with all kinds of records about it. The strongest is Asian hair. We can add that, on average, a hair can support up to 100 grams. Imagine then with a very thick full head of hair! In any case, its strength allows it to be used as a reinforcement for certain materials, such as plastic or concrete. And finally, it is also an excellent thermal and sound insulator.

Several projects to come 

For the time being, this recycling program is under development. Today, 140 fairs have joined the adventure but the implementation of final solutions is more difficult. However, the Calanques National Park should test this new process this winter. In addition, Thierry Gras’ association recently received positive feedback from the regional organization Filidéchets. The latter received a grant of 30,000 euros to develop a project of depolluting filters from hair.

When we know all this, next time, we will choose a salon that supports the association. And we will give our hair.

More information on Coiffeurs Justes


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