10 Things Only Hairy Women Know

Being hairy, hairy, some women claim it loud and clear. Whether it is for feminism or simply freedom of choice for her body, the fashion for hair is in vogue. Here are 10 things that only hairy women know.

10 Things Only Hairy Women Know

Do hairy women make you fantasize? Do they boost your libido? In any case, for those who assert themselves with confidence and pride, it is certainly part of their charm. So, being hairy, it’s assumed. Especially since there are bound to be a few little things that go along with this trend that only they can understand. Here are 10 things that only hairy women know.


1 – You always have a “good” friend who tells you that you’re hairy

Of course, for those who are used to seeing smooth, shiny legs, it interpèle. And since he’s your friend, he won’t mind pointing out that you have a hair sticking out. Olala, how funny!



2 – In case of emergency hair removal, some parts will remain uncultivated

Yes, despite the desire to remain the beautiful hairy woman that we claim to be, it sometimes happens that we need to wax our hair for X or X reasons. As a result, you can’t do everything and you’ll have to make a choice. And inevitably, some parts won’t be able to be part of the party. So, think carefully about what you need…


3 – You will suffer more in case of depilation

In addition to having to leave out certain parts of your body, the ones you are going to wax will hurt like hell. The less you wax, the more painful it is. So here’s one of the 10 things only hairy women know that you should trust. And have compassion on the day it happens. 


4 – Wearing the tank top is getting harder

So except for women who are fully empowered with hair. Otherwise, for those who are a little behind in their beauty calendar, you know how you don’t dare to raise your arms in public. The complexes come along, as does the fear of judgment. Still, most people don’t care about that, yes, they do. 



5 – Not a single razor is really effective

Yeah. Your hard, thick, warm hair against your body, it won’t let you get away with it. Not or not very used to being cut, it makes resistance. As a result, your razor will gradually become dull. And then, you will always see the dark shadow of the bulbs of your hair. Or else, the pores of your skin need to be wide open (with heat), and you need to iron several times with a few moments of rest between each pass. Thanks for the tip. 



6 – They call you “Sir”

Especially if you have short hair and badly shaved down. Then it’s not all the hairy woman’s fault, mind you! You know that, don’t you ladies. People rarely look at the face, but more at the general appearance. So if you’re a little sloppy and boyishly dressed, you won’t cut it. 



 7 – Your new partner may not like your hair

Worried your new booty call or honey doesn’t like your hair? If it does, it’s the wrong one. So find one that’s a natural. Besides, a lot of guys don’t care, like we said before.

hairy women-bikini


8 – Summer is approaching, time for hair removal too

For hairy women who are especially hairy in the winter… Summer is for you formidable. Indeed, with the sun comes the time of skirts and shorts, the beach, …. In short, you feel obliged to go to your beautician or to take out your old depilator. It’s time to suffer. 

9 – The “hair removal” budget is costing you an arm and a leg

Well, yes, of course. Being a hairy woman has advantages, like not putting a strain on your budget. And the more areas you have to do, the more it costs, obviously. Fortunately, it’s the same price whatever the thickness to be depilated. At an average of one or two visits per month for the standard, it adds up quickly! And even if you do it yourself, between the different accessories, you calculate the right time to do it. 

hairy women accessories


10 – You wanted to remove the hair from your breasts but the result, after a certain time, is dreadful

If you have hairy nipples, there is a technique to remove hair from them properly. Hairy women have sometimes learned this at their own expense, after a few tries… And the results can make you look pale (but not envious). It is also good, even if it means suffering, to let a professional do it for us. 


Are you one of the hairy women? What would you add to that list?


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