The role of the beard in seduction

What if the beard is your seduction trump card? The beard trend has been established for several years now. Initially, the 3-day beard gave a slightly more « raw » look and was very popular (while allowing the man not to have to shave every day), then it is the long and well trimmed beard that took over with the fashion of hipsters in particular.

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The movement is not about to run out of steam, if you can believe the number of barbers who have been opening their shops everywhere lately. It seems that this trend is very popular with women (maybe that’s what makes it so successful). But why do women like naked men so much?


A seductive asset

The advantage is sometimes at the level of the unconscious, because it represents different elements that are meant to reassure the female gender.


The beard represents virility

Also, the famous fantasy of the virile man remains very present in our societies. And the representation of virility often comes through the hair. To be convinced of this, just type the query « manly man » on Google images to realize that 90% of the photos that stand out are images of bearded men. The beard has therefore become synonymous with a feeling of protection and security for women.

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The beard represents maturity

Another important aspect is that it often gives a few more years, it can even radically change a man.

Having a hairy face therefore gives the impression of being more serious and above all more mature with this light ageing effect that is so much appreciated.


We appreciate the softness

There’s also that soft side with the beard, which makes you want to touch. The seductive asset would therefore be synonymous with softness. In more intimate moments, one projects oneself to caress one’s man’s beard. This tactile aspect is very important for women.


We notice more a bearded man

This is more true for long and well-groomed beards (than for the 3-day beard) but we tend to notice one bearded man more than another. It is therefore a way to stand out at first glance and makes you want to get to know the person a little better. Indeed there is no a priori on the intelligence of bearded men, it’s just a physical aspect differentiating. It gives a special side to the person.

The facial hairs thus has a real power of seduction on women.


The beard and its benefits

It should also be noted that the beard has many qualities not to be neglected. From an aesthetic point of view first of all, the beard will allow to underline the square jaws and will also be ideal to hide small defects. From a medical point of view, the beard will act as a barrier to the sun, thus avoiding skin cancer. By blocking UV rays, it also helps to avoid wrinkles. Historically, the beard has always been used to intimidate opponents by making them look more aggressive. Enough to awaken women’s primary instincts!


There is even a study on their level of seduction

Researchers at an Australian university have been studying the erotic potential of the beard. They tried to determine whether the facial hair (and what type of beard) could have an impact on the seduction process. 8,520 heterosexual girls were asked to assess the looks of different men and whether they could consider a relationship with them. They were then presented with pictures of men with more or less full beards or no beard at all. And the result was clear: women prefer beards! It was the 3-day beard that was considered the most attractive. Yet the women only wanted a temporary relationship with this type of man.

To settle down and start a family, it is the long and full beards that these ladies prefer. Researchers therefore concluded that beards represented the perfect balance between virility (to protect one’s family) and the assurance of having a man who will be able to take care of his family.


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