What are our hairs used for?

That’s a big question. Body hairs can be a real pain in the ass, whether you’re a man or a woman. We spend all our time removing it because society pushes us to have smooth skin. But is it really good? What’s the point of having body hairs?

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Our hairs usually come out in our teens. More or less thick, more or less pigmented, they are there, they can be seen. However, we generally want to get rid of them. But what is the purpose of our hair? Do they have a use or are they a simple residue of the fur of our ancestors?


How are they composed?

Did you know that your hair has another name? They are also called « hair shafts ». These are formed in hair bulbs, which you can find about 4mm under the skin. Each bulb is composed of two types of cells. In the first part, you have the keratinocytes. They synthesize keratin to provide a solid, impermeable and protective structure. The other part consists of the melanocytes. These are used to define your skin and hair pigmentation.

These are the blood vessels that nourish the hair bulb, providing it with all the nutrients it needs. It is then animated by a muscle called the « arrector ». If the name doesn’t ring a bell, its function is probably more. It is used to straighten the hair. This is how we see the famous « goose bumps » appear on our skin. You will also notice that when it is contracted, particularly during stress, this muscle will stimulate the sebaceous glands surrounding the base of the hair and release sebum on the skin.

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You sweat ? So ? 

And contrary to what you might think, our hairs are not related to sweat. Why is that? Because our famous sweat glands are located in the epidermis and dermis. So shallower.

Finally, one last thing you should know about our hair. You should know that our hardest and most pigmented hairs develop under the influence of so-called masculinizing hormones such as testosterone. We can find it in large quantities in men, of course, and much less in women. Finally in the vast majority. Because some unlucky women are suffering from hirsutism. Like women with beards for example. They thus have a hairiness much more developed than the average.

But all this does not yet answer the question: what is the purpose of our hair? So we’ll ask it again to give you a concrete answer.


So… What is the purpose of our hair?

If we go back to the origin, our hair was primarily used to protect us from cold, sun and heat. That’s why our hair lightens in the sun. Our eyelashes and eyebrows protect our eyes, preventing dust from getting in. Our nose hairs (which you can remove if you remove too much) and ear hairs also stop dust and warn the body if an insect enters, for example. They also act as a filter for sounds and smells.

Concerning our armpits and your crotch, our hairs capture odours and also protect our intimate area. Double function! Thus, for odours, we limit the risks of sexual odours loaded with pheromones. So as not to attract all those of the opposite sex around.

Finally, our hairs also have a function of hydration retention. Thanks to them, we stay hydrated thanks to the secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands. They are also used for touching. Did you know that our hair alerts us to physical contact before our skin does?!


When our hair and body hair throws off our bad habits…

If you didn’t know it yet, learn that our hair system and our hair are very good indicators of our bad habits. If you use tobacco, drugs or other toxic substances, traces of them can be found for several months or even years after you use them. They also keep a trace of our DNA. That’s how we’ve solved a few murders. So, if you want to leave no trace anywhere, shave off the hair. And again…



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