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China: how they react if you are hairy

China has a great sense of humour, and those who know China know it well. Especially when it comes to particular subjects like… hair. Most of them are almost not hairy, so they’ll have special reactions to your hairiness. Here are 10 Chinese reactions that you will have to face if you are hairy in China.

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You become a curiosity when you are in a country where certain physical characteristics are not the norm. If they more or less accept dwarves and turn them into amusement parks, they are even more curious about simpler things like… hair.

Being hairy in China will make you the beast of the fair, you will be watched with curiosity and people will probably want to touch your hair to see what it looks like up close. If they have hair that amazes us, for them it’s our hair, especially if it’s fluffy. So if you’re hairy and you go to China, be prepared for 10 types of possible reactions.


1. They will call you “mao mao” like cats do

You’ll remind them of their four-legged, hairy, cute little companion. Be careful, however, that they don’t take you on their lap and start stroking you in the direction of the hair.


2. Taxis will pinch your arm in the car

The Chinese are like children, curious. And sometimes without embarrassment for Europeans because the culture is very different. As a result, they like to touch to “see what it feels like”, smell the texture, sometimes even sniff to see if there is a particular smell. It’s up to you whether or not you want to be touched.


3. People think they know where you come from before they ask you where you’re from

Depending on your hair type, they’ll try to guess your country. Surprisingly, it works sometimes. In any case, you can make it a very funny game that will distract the whole audience. Place bets, they love it.

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4. Chicks in the fake market and other shops will pull your hair during the nego

You’re not going to be able to negotiate something and distract yourself, they’ll touch your hair to see what it looks like in real life. And if that can distract you from accepting their price or else you’ll be in unbearable pain, you never know!


5. The Chinese will usually ask you if it’s warm

We find here the idea of the down and the pilou pilou side that keeps you warm. Like a woollen blanket, just like our animal friends, they want to know if this layer of hair brings you a real plus. As they rarely have any themselves, one can understand this fascination and these questions for a hairy, furry being, covered with this thing they will never have.


6. Some Chinese women think it’s good, some don’t

As with all things, there are followers and others not. If some are fascinated, others will be disgusted, unaccustomed to this conspicuous hairiness. For some, it may even connote hygiene problems. So don’t take offence at certain reactions.

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7. You will have your hair burnt by your Chinese friends in the evening

Kids, you were told. And what do curious kids do? They test. So they’ll want to see how fast your hair ignites or how strong it is. Tip: Wear long sleeves.


8. They’ll call you a terrorist if you haven’t shaved

The beard connotes Arab countries, a bit like in Europe recently. And not in a good way. The hipster side, they don’t know. So if you don’t want to see them run away when you arrive, opt for the closely shaved side rather than the hairy side.


9. They’ll try to take a picture of you and tag you…

In order to get smart with their friends, they’ll want to take selfies with you. It can be very funny… at first. So feel free to say no if it bothers you.


10. They will make it a topic of conversation for at least 10 minutes if you speak Chinese, probably 30 minutes or more if you don’t understand

Children… and mockers. You intrigue them, you fascinate them, so they talk about it. Reverse the trend and ask them questions to distract them, or just walk away.

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