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15 reasons to let your body hair grow…

Our society tends to be a hair-hunting society. Short, short, long, blond, brown… We don’t want it. The less, the better. But some of them take the tendency against the grain and fight to let the body hair grow. They too have the right to live! A tendency to go against the grain…

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Even if you’re pushed to shave or wax, it’s not a foregone conclusion. Here are 15 good reasons to let your body hair grow and say goodbye to your razor or epilator.

1 – No more bumpy showers

You tend to pass the razor when you’re in the shower. The problem is, it clogs the pipes! And hello, the price of a plumber! So we stop bullying our body hair and let them live in peace.


2 – BODY Hair removal = pain

Pulling out the body hair has never been a pleasure, it’s well known. It pulls, it stings, you get the feeling that your skin is being torn off when it’s not properly hydrated, the horror…


3 – Shave? It irritates.

Body hair removal is painful, shaving itchy. And when the body hair grows back, it’s a horror, you scratch yourself all day long. Let our body hair grow back freely.


4 – BODY Hair is soft, it’s “cocoon”

That’s right, if you let your body hair grow to the right length, you’ll notice that your little fuzz is actually super soft. It’d be silly not to.


5 – It’s Winter

If you can’t help but rake it all up in the summer, take advantage of the winter to let yours hairs grow. Put on some tights or pants and take a break from brushing.


6 – Keeps you warm in winter

We forgot to mention, plus it protects you from the cold. Long live the body hair.


7 – You’ll see who really loves you

“I want to be loved for who I am and not just for my looks.” Well, this is a good opportunity to test the love of your loved ones, isn’t it?! And maybe they’ll discover a passion for hairy people

15 reasons to let your body hair grow-blindmaiden2


8 – Dare to dye

You can play with your body hairs when they’re there. Then why don’t you dye it? Give them a new color to give a little originality to your armpits (or other). Who would have thought that letting your hair grow would give you so many advantages?


9 – Say goodbye to suffering

Not only will you no longer suffer from body hair removal, you will no longer scratch when you grow back, but you will also save time to do something else more exciting. Or watch Netflix.


10 – Smooth skin doesn’t define you

Aesthetics isn’t everything. The spirit is everything. And you can love fur


11 – Having smooth skin: personal preference or social pressure?

As long as you haven’t allowed yourself to grow body hair, you won’t know whether it’s your choice or a habit. You have to experiment to find out. Besides, a few body hairs isn’t the end of the world…


12 – At worst, it grows back

If you’ve ever dreamed of waxing and saying goodbye to hair, forget it. Unless it’s done with a laser. And again. Hair grows back, accept it.


13 – You’re a man

Even if the trend of hair removal becomes so masculine, resist. You are a man, love your hairs, be proud.


14 – When you soap it, it lathers more.

No, it’s not a joke, test it, you’ll see.


15 – Their length may surprise you

Observing the life of its body hairs can keep you busy for a while: how long can they grow? How long would it take to tweeze them out? Will they grow back faster? In what direction? In short, there are many things you can experiment with…



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