9 things you thought you didn’t know about dandruff

Finding dandruff in your hair is an incredibly common problem. But many people don’t realize what causes dandruff in their hair or on their scalp. Or the best way to manage it.


There are many misconceptions about dandruff. It’s a common scalp annoyance that no one really understands. So we decided to bust all the myths about what causes dandruff. What it is and how to soothe your itchy scalp.

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All you need to know about false lashes

False eyelashes give a glamorous touch and the strength we seek for dazzling eyes. But some questions often arise: Can the lashes hurt us? How are they applied? What type of lashes are right for my eye? 


We solve all your doubts so that you can boast of a perfect look. After the chin hair and the nose, it’s time to speak about beauty eyes !

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How to remove nose hair without pain

It is not recommended to pull out nose hair because our immune system can be weakened. However, here’s how to remove nose hair painlessly if needed.

remove-nose hair-blind-maiden

Having nose hair affects both men and women. In particular, men tend to be more affected by this unsightly problem because they have a larger amount of hair in this area than women. However, you should be aware that they perform a very important function for our body and it is not good to remove them completely.

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hair in their ears - blindmaiden

Why do men have hair in their ears?

The passage of time leaves different types of marks on the human body. A curious phenomenon, affecting mostly men, over the years, is the increase of hair in the ears. This can be annoying and is considered unsightly by many people.

hair in their ears - blindmaiden-2

The outer structure of the ear, made of skin and cartilage, is known as the ear. And out of this orifice sometimes comes … hair.

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Chin hair: where does it come from and how to remove it?

Did you know that there was a scientific reason for your chin hair? Facial hair does have a specific origin. And a way to get rid of it, according to experts.


When you’re a woman, having hair on your chin is a little unsightly. On the chin, neck, temples or a slight mustache, … So many areas that tend to complex women, still subject to the diktats of beauty today. In any case, if it is not the majority, it is not a fatality either. This evil affects about 10% of women and is called hirsutism. Women with beards know the problem well

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Nipple hair: it’s normal, don’t panic!

Women already struggle daily with hair in the armpits, pubic area and legs. Now we’ve added the buttocks and, for some, the moustache and forearms. It’s time to talk about nipple hair and understand that… It’s normal! 


Some women have a complex about nipple hair. It is true that for some, it is more visible than others. We have already talked about how to make them disappear safely, but today we would like to make you accept them. Having hair around the nipple, everyone has it, it’s normal. So, let’s lift the taboos and say no more complexes!

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Breaking the myth about Asian hair

If there is one stereotype about Asia that we all know very well, it is Asian hair. No one knows when it actually started, but at some point, people started thinking that all Asian women had the same type of hair – straight, black and very sleek.

This myth became so well known that there is actually something called « Japanese straightening » to try to achieve these hair qualities. It’s not uncommon to flip through a magazine and find an article showcasing different hair types and, not surprisingly, « Asian hair » has its own section.

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7 hair mistakes that age you

Your haircut, style or color may not be doing you any favors if you want a youthful look. Follow these tips to give your look a few young years and watch out for these 7 hair mistakes that age you.


You can pile on all the anti-aging skin care products you want, but when it comes to looking 10 years older – or younger than your current age, it’s your hair that makes all the difference. « Your hair is one of the first things people notice when they meet you, » says Brad Johns, director of color at Saks Fifth Avenue Salon and Spa. Crow’s feet? Not so much.

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